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Finding My Inner Kermit

I have had two old license plates sitting in my trunk for months. Ok, years. Illinois – 2005. Tennessee – 2007. My boyfriend recently added an NC-2009 plate to that pile.  And when my sister moved here last week, she handed me one from Texas.

Time to recycle some metal!

I hated to throw those in a landfill, so I headed over to the license plate agency near my office.

“We don’t accept out of state plates,” she told me, handing three out of four back.

Really? You don’t want metal that can be recycled into new plates? She suggested I mail them back to the state where they sprung. Sure, I’m paying that postage.

I set off in search of a solution. And as Kermit says, It A’int Easy Being Green. I found a place that recycles scrap metal and pays you money for your items. Score!

The place is on Garner Road, not far from my downtown home. However, it’s on the less-than-nicer end of town. I arrived in gray capris, a black shirt and black high heels — having just come from a business meeting. That expression “sticks out like a sore thumb” doesn’t even cover it. Sticks out like a dressed up girl among a bunch of hard-working people wearing work boots, jeans and dirty T-shirts.

I stepped up to the scale, my meager offering looking sad compared to the prior refrigerator-sized loads. But he took them, weighed them, and in the end, I got $3.75 for my green efforts.

If you have some metal to recycle, check out Raleigh Scrap Metal Recycling.