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A Capitol Idea


While walking around good ole downtown Raleigh recently, Leo came up with a brilliant idea: Wouldn’t it be cool to visit all 50 capitals?

Sign me up. So here is the plan: As we take road trips together during the next 50 years, we will visit every state’s Capitol. Raleigh, of course, is easy.

We just checked off the first two during our weekend jaunt to a wedding: Charleston, West Virginia and Columbus, Ohio.

As you can see, the weather wasn’t great for either of those stops. And although each was shot on a different day, I’m wearing the same outfit. (Hey, comfy traveling clothes are hard to find!)

We’re going to get a map of the United States and use pins to mark the ones we’ve done. It’s a fun goal. What will be more fun is the stories we gather along the way. These first two were just simple and quick stops. At others, we will take a tour or try to get a night photo.


For Raleigh’s, we’ll have to do something special. We walk by the Capitol nearly every day, so we might try to take multiple pictures there.

For some states, I can’t even name the capital. But Wikipedia has a full list.

Here is a post with some of the cooler buildings we can’t wait to see.