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Preggo Details

The news is out! I’m sure you’re all dying to know how it’s been going so far. If not, you can skip this. For the rest of you, here are some details:

  • I am 12 weeks today (Aug. 15) and I’m due Feb. 27. According to my app, it’s the size of a plum. onsie
  • We call it “The Alien,” mostly because I feel as though this is a parasite, sucking up my life force. Tired? Uh, yes.
  • Nope, no morning sickness. Apparently, 25 percent of women don’t get it. Thanks, universe, for making me one of those!
  • Some nausea, but that stopped once I started eating every two hours. So yes, I eat six or seven small “meals” a day.
  • I’ve only gained a few pounds so far. Yay!
  • When I’m in my birthday suit you can see just a small bump starting to protrude. Those of you not that up close and personal with me will just have to wait.
  • We plan to find out the baby’s gender in advance.
  • We have lots of ideas for girls’ names, zero for boys. Accepting funny suggestions only, thanks. For now, Leo is calling it “Tiberius.” As in, James Tiberius Kirk for you Trek fans.
  • We got our first baby gift already! My mom was too excited not to buy this onesie while she visited last weekend.
  • The avalanche of advice has begun. But the one thing I actually want to know from you moms out there: What baby items could you not live without and which ones should you have skipped?