New York, New York

“New York, New York, a helluva town. The Bronx is up but the Battery’s down.”

At last. After 33 years on this planet I can finally stop listening to people say, “What, you’ve never been to New York?!”

Leo and I went last week for his birthday vacation. Frankly, after 33 years of Hollywood buildup, I was surprised it isn’t bigger. The crowds weren’t as overwhelming as I expected.

I loved it.

Of course, I love walking around in large cities. There is something exciting about seeing people constantly on the move, riding the subway, and just sitting in a park surrounded by skyscrapers.

We took the train from Raleigh on a Saturday. It’s a long ride, but for us, it was part of the fun.

For three days we wandered and walked Manhattan streets, mostly just looking. We strolled through Central Park, Times Square, Grand Central Station, the New York library and Bryant Park, the 9/11 memorial, Battery Park, Rockefeller Center, Museum of the City of New York, the West Village neighborhood, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge. Our last night we took in “Wicked” on Broadway and ate dessert at Junior’s. Whew.

Leo on Liberty Island, with a view of the Manhattan skyline.
Leo on Liberty Island, with a view of the Manhattan skyline.


On Wednesday we left the city by train to Albany, stopping to visit the state, a castle-like structure far more impressive than many of the rotundas we’ve seen so far on our Capitol Tour.

The Capitol building in Albany, NY. Jeez I look pregnant.
The Capitol building in Albany, NY. Jeez I look pregnant.


We then rented a car and drove through beautiful fall foliage over the border to the grand land of Canada. Everyone says the view is better on the Canada side. Understatement of the century: there really isn’t any view on the American side. It also looks economically depressed. The Canada side looked like all the bad parts of tourism, Hard Rock Cafe-type places, water parks, a Ripley’s museum and all that other junk. But the park itself is well kept and lovely. Plus, we scored a “falls view” room.

View from our hotel room.
View from our hotel room.


Back to NYC on Thursday for the night, this time staying in Chelsea. Friday morning we took one short walk through the Flatiron District for my Week 21 preggo pic and then hopped on our train bound for Raleigh.

It may have been my first visit to New York, but we only scratched the touristy surface of that amazing city. Farewell, New York. We will be back.

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