Welcome Home, Rory!

One week ago today I was still in labor — hours after they had told me I was “pretty close.” We checked in last Thursday, Feb. 5. My induction was supposed to begin the next morning, after I got some sleep and some breakfast.

Instead, the doctor examined me and said she didn’t need to perform the overnight preparation procedure after all. So my labor began at 11:50 p.m. and lasted 21 hours. I didn’t sleep or eat. I gladly accepted the epidural, thank you. But by 6 p.m. the pain was cutting through as I pushed, and pushed, and pushed some more. For three hours.

Delirious, I was happy to hear the doctor say we could do something, anything, to make this done. So off we went for a C-section. Normally, you’re awake for them, with husband by your head. But after they administered my spinal for the pain, I struggled to breathe. I felt like a fish washed up on the beach, gasping. It was too much, and I gladly accepted when they offered to put me under.

Leo said it didn’t take long. He got to see the baby immediately, witness her first bath, watch them weigh her. I was wheeled to recovery, where I slowly became aware of my surroundings. A nurse fed me ice chips while I tried to wake up. I’m told it was after midnight on Saturday morning when I returned to the hospital room where Leo was waiting. I first held my daughter at about 12:45 a.m.


Here we are now, a week later. Those first couple of days in the hospital are fuzzy now. I had visitors, held coherent conversations. I held my baby girl and learned to breastfeed. But for the most part, consider me drunk. Hospitals are a constant stream of people, and I barely slept for the next two days.

We were so happy to come home Tuesday. Today, I feel more like a human being, healing and learning to sleep in one- and two-hour stints. So far, things are going well. I even managed to have a few sips of celebratory beer last night!


Thank you to everyone who has given gifts, food, support and love throughout my pregnancy, especially during the weeks of boring bed rest. We are so grateful for your help and looking forward to the adventure of parenthood.

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