Set the Date

The delivery date, that is.

As you know, I’ve had some ups and downs the past few weeks. After they put me on bed rest, I returned to the doctor later that week and next thing I know, I’m in the hospital. You may have guessed that from the lovely fashion statement in our recent photos/video.

I officially have preeclampsia, and they tend to induce with that as soon as 35 weeks. However, my case is somewhat mild. So after five nights of hospital observation, they sent me home for more bed rest, hoping I can stay pregnant until week 37.

I’m visiting the doctor twice a week and so far, so good. Today’s update: come back Friday and they’ll schedule my delivery for Feb. 6 or a day or two after that.

Of course, things could change. Preeclampsia can get worse very quickly and if that happens, all bets are off. Still, nice to know that we’ll be meeting baby girl Suarez very soon!


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