The Baby Showers

Babies mean stuff. Whether you like it or not.

As many of you know, I don’t like too much stuff. Enemy, thy name is clutter. I worked as a professional organizer for awhile. It was a great opportunity to see how Americans and our mass consumerism culture often lead to an emphasis on stuff rather than experiences as a way to rank ourselves and give life meaning. And later that stuff gives us stress. So we call a professional organizer.

My personal rants aside, Leo and I did realize we needed at least some essentials before bringing a kid home from the hospital. Like some clothes for her or him to wear. A car seat. A crib, and diapers. That’s about it. But of course, that’s not much fun for friends and family.

Enter the baby showers. My family in Ohio threw me one after Thanksgiving, and my friends and family here threw me another earlier this month. Between the two, we are nearly all set for baby’s arrival. And I have to say I feel very blessed to have so many generous and wonderful people in my life. Thank you all.

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