Business as Usual

Everyone is, of course, asking us about the Westgate mall shooting. I even received an interview request from my former TV station.

But for Leo and I, it’s been business as usual. We returned to work Monday, and other than a few more security measures at our hotel, things in the city center have been operating normally. Our hotel has been packed with attendees for multiple conferences, and the big rugby tournament continued this weekend without incident.

It’s Leo’s last week of work here, so he’s making sure to finish up what he began. For me, things are a little slower, giving me more than enough time to venture out for lunch each day.

Yesterday it was Dorman’s, a coffeehouse that serves lunch. It was OK, but less quality, cheaper and less polished than Java, the competitor at which Leo and I ate Sunday. The food here is international and diverse. We’ve eaten Chinese, Indian (twice) and various forms of American. I also tried some African cuisine, including ugali, which is a staple starch formed into white cakes. It’s plain alone, but apparently you’re supposed to put things on it. It reminded me a grits, a southern food I just haven’t gotten into, and I had about the same reaction with ugali.

Last night (Tuesday) we dined at an Italian place with a balcony overlooking the city. That was a nice change of pace because it enabled us to feel as though we were outside after dark. For safety reasons (even before the mall incident) we aren’t able to walk around the city after sundown. Walking a new city is one of our favorite activities, so we’ve found it limiting to take cabs even a few blocks to dinner.

It’s still been interesting to work in a new city, and we’re looking forward to some plans tomorrow and this weekend.

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