Party Like a Rock Star

I went out Friday night with the girls. Dinner, drinks, dancing. Although some might use Girls’ Night Out to think nostalgically back upon other nights out, I am pleased to report that age has its perks. For example:

21: Pizza in your dorm room or crappy apartment.
31: Tapas at a nice restaurant with your girlfriends.

Buying Drinks
21: You look for the specials and complain loudly about the “high” ($5) cost of a Red Bull and vokda.
31: $5? That’s cheap!

Solas, a club in Raleigh. Photo by Leo Suarez.

Solas, a club in Raleigh. Photo by Leo Suarez.

21: Too shy.
31: Who cares what other people think? I want to shake it!

21: Shots, shots and more shots, plus well liquor, cheap beer and no water.
31: A shot or two, top shelf liquor and water with everything so you won’t be hungover the next day.

Getting Hit On
21: Depends. Is he cute? Is he creepy?
31: Flattered! But sorry, guys, I’m taken.

The Night
21: Someone in the group ends up crying or vomiting in the bathroom. Or both.
31: Everyone ends up laughing and saying what a good time they had.

Getting Home
21: You can’t afford a cab, which results in A) waiting for one of you to sober up, B) calling someone and crossing your fingers that he/she isn’t also drunk, C) bumming a ride home from your new guy friend D) risking the drive yourself.
31: You take a cab and tip well. Or your sweet husband agrees to stay up and come get you. 🙂

The Next Day
21: You drag yourself out of bed in search of Bojangles or some other fast food.
31: Your husband brings you waffles in bed.

What would you add to this list?

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