Winter Escape

by dtraleigh

Cold wind gushed along the sand, making a sieve out of my jacket. I smiled.

Leo’s parents have a house at Carolina Beach, so we go fairly often. But I almost prefer the beach in the winter, when the sand and sea have a desolate, lonely look. No one is there as you walk along the wet, packed sand, watching angry waves create foam that blows on ahead of your path. It is cold, but the ocean has a different appearance during this time. It’s like She puts on winter clothes.

There is also something appealing about a beach town during the off-season, when no one but the locals are in residence.

For me, the beach is an escape from my home in Raleigh, an easy getaway to something different. In winter, that retreat is more complete because of the ambiance emptiness and gray skies lend to a normally cheerful and bright location.

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